We have updated our inventory. What is listed will be available for sale. Please note some are left in a 72 or 144 piece. We suggest stocking up as these will no longer be available.
Swarovski Update

***UPDATE~ We have decided that we will no longer fulfill backordered items (out of stock). We will continue to sell what is left in our inventory as far as the smaller quantities of rhinestones, that is 1 gross and such. Wholesale will be available until Swarovski has closed its doors regarding the sale of rhinestones to the public. We advise purchasing the wholesale due to this and as it will be more valuable. Thank you for understanding and supporting us throughout and since 2008.

We are disheartened for the news from Swarovski. 

They will no longer be selling or allow sales to crafters using the Swarovski elements in September of 2021. They will have few vendors that will be signed with them that may use the Swarovski stones for purchase~ only for embellishment of high-end custom projects. This will be signed off with Swarovski themselves. We hear of designer collections like that of Louis Vuitton.

This has saddened many people as this is more than a craft or passion for our customers. We will continue to order and sale Swarovski Elements until we can no longer acquire any more which will be close to the September mark. In regards to this some items may no longer be available and shipping times may result in a day or 2 delay for online orders starting now December 2020.

We have much gratitude for our loyal customers and hope you continue to stay with us until our inventory has been depleted. We will be closing our doors indefinitely once we have and hopefully sell out our complete inventory. 

*now is the time to stock up on your Swarovski wholesale favorites

Sincerely and with much love, 

Crystal Rhinestone Boutique

December 02, 2020 by July Jennifer L'amour

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