We have updated our inventory. What is listed will be available for sale. Please note some are left in a 72 or 144 piece. We suggest stocking up as these will no longer be available.

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Our main contact is~ sales@crystalrhinestoneboutique.com or our Facebook page at Crystal Rhinestone Boutique

*return from in boutique items will have up to a 20% restocking fee *no returns on wholesale

Embellish your heart’s desire with Swarovski rhinestones in flatback, hotfix, Swarovski shimmer effects & Preciosa~ rhinestone dance costumes, burlesque costumes, shoes, wedding, bridal, accessories, jewelry and home décor with the top of the line flatback or hotfix rhinestone crystals from Swarovski. We are the top seller for dance and burlesque artist for use of flatback or hotfix crystals. We sell to the public wholesale as well as smaller quantities!