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BeJeweler Pro for Hotfix Swarovski Rhinestones

$ 28.95

Brand Crystal Rhinestone Boutique

BeJeweler Pro for Hotfix Swarovski Rhinestones ~

The BeJeweler Pro is the perfect Swarovski Rhinestone hotfix applicator tool. Rhinestone tool has a comfort grip, wire brush for cleaning the tips and a stand. You can use the BeJeweler Pro on all types of surfaces; fabric, leather, ceramics, paper, wood and many other surfaces. Use this tool with hotfix Swarovski Rhinestones. The tool will heat activate the glue from the Swarovski rhinestone glue backing.

*Includes 8 Tips: ss6, ss8, ss10, ss16, ss20, ss30, ss34, and a 5mm flat tip. We sell ss12 tips separately.