We have updated our inventory. What is listed will be available for sale. Please note some are left in a 72 or 144 piece. We suggest stocking up as these will no longer be available.

Electric White Lacquer Swarovski Rhinestones Wholesale

$ 54.99

Brand Swarovski

Electric White Lacquer Swarovski Rhinestones Wholesale

These Swarovski flatback rhinestones are so unique they are the future of a sparkly crystal to the rhinestone colors of "Electric Lacquer" that will glow under black light! Rhinestones beyond simplicity, this is the futuristic of bedazzling, show stopping & ethereal make up this Swarovski rhinestone crystal! With its patented Xirius cut, 16 facets with a shape representing a starburst and a small table (top), this rhinestone has the ultimate sparkle.

The Swarovski rhinestones of Electric lacquer include UV pigments that lead to increased glow under artificial light, and will allow for the rhinestone to glow under black light. 

*UV rhinestones will include "Electric" in the title.

Swarovski Lacquer Rhinestones Flatback Crystals are mostly available in wholesale as of now. If you need a smaller quantity contact us and we can work with your needs.