We have updated our inventory. What is listed will be available for sale. Please note some are left in a 72 or 144 piece. We suggest stocking up as these will no longer be available.

Swarovski Rhinestones Color Chart

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Brand Crystal Rhinestone Boutique

Swarovski Rhinestones Color Chart

Sample Card for Flatback and Hotfix Swarovski Rhinestones sizes and colors.

This dazzling "the Original" handmade color chart is made of mostly* ss20 flatback Swarovski Rhinestones! Attached rhinestones are in-stock rhinestones as well as wholesale Swarovski Rhinestones color and sizes. We have adhered the Flatback Swarovski Rhinestones using E6000 Permanent Adhesive to a crystal clear overlay for ease of color matching.

*If there is a color and size you do not see please email us and we can custom order your rhinestone collection.

*Includes sample sizes ss5, ss6, ss7, ss8, ss9, ss10, ss12, ss16, ss20, ss30, ss34, ss40, ss48

*on sale~ some Swarovski colors that are no longer available. They may still be on the chart because we have certain sizes left in stock. Some stones may be in a smaller size than ss20 on chart colors due to in stock items.