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Metallic Sunshine Swarovski Rhinestones

$ 7.99

Brand Crystal Rhinestone Boutique

Swarovski Rhinestones in hotfix or flatback rhinestones. Rhinestones are a great way to embellish dance costumes, garments, shoes, accessories, jewelry & home décor. We sell the entire collection of Swarovski Rhinestones in hotfix as well as flatback.

See the entire collection on our purchasable custom color chart.

The flatback Swarovski Rhinestones are very versatile, you can use on all/most surfaces including clothing, use with our favorite glue~ E6000. These rhinestones are most commonly used for projects that adhere to surfaces such as clothing to metal.

The hotfix Swarovski Rhinestones are commonly used for clothing. They have a heat activated adhesive on the back of the rhinestone. These rhinestones can be used with an iron or any hotfix heating iron, such as our hotfix Vacuum.

*Wholesale Swarovski Rhinestones are available! The best investment for larger projects, click wholesale section.