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Silk Shimmer Swarovski Flatback Rhinestones

$ 11.99

Brand Swarovski

Silk Shimmer Swarovski Flatback Rhinestones

Swarovski Shimmer rhinestones desired by dancers showcase the shimmering effect beyond starry nights. Beautifully enhanced color meeting the expectations of Swarovski AB colors is the Swarovski rhinestones Shimmer Effect. The Shimmer rhinestones use a subtle coating accenting a rainbow of multicolored refractions and using the AB crystal surface finish. the Swarovski crystal rhinestones shimmer with three shades of the coordinating color that cast star lit luster of delicate light reflections featuring every movement. Brilliantly casting shadows of multi colors you can see how exquisite these Swarovski shimmer rhinestones shine on stage for dancewear, dancesport, showgirl & competitions.

"Available in 15 different color and effect combinations (as well as Crystal), each Aurora Borealis crystal shimmers with three shades of a single color that cast wave-like ripples of softly changing light reflections, accentuating every movement of the body. Glamorous and elegant, it blends a mercurial, futuristic gleam with bold crystal colors in nature-tech hues, beautifully answering the current demand for heightened sensory experiences." from Swarovski 

Swarovski Shimmer Rhinestones Flatback Crystals are mostly available in wholesale as of now. Please click here for Swarovski Shimmer rhinestones wholesale.